The Beginning

I tried Paleo about a year and a half ago. I did strict Paleo for 30 days. I lost a little weight, had more energy, noticed clearer skin, allergies were better… It was tough though, and I didn’t stick with it. Fast forward to the beginning of January of this year. I evaluated my diet. It was full of processed foodstuffs. I always justified eating poorly. I felt that just wasn’t acceptable. I needed to change things up. Around the beginning of January, I decided to to back to Paleo….a modified 90% Paleo. I allow a bit of dairy like a sprinkle of cheese on my eggs here and there. I also allow myself 1-3 servings of grain a week. I have coffee…a lot of coffee. I also have some alcohol on occasion. Other than that, I’m fairly Paleo.

I tried to figure out why my last paleo experience didn’t last. I think what it was, was that I became bored with it. Chicken and spinach, steak and spinach, tuna and spinach. Same thing over and over and over again. This time, I put a little more work into it. I make a point to make at least one new Paleo recipe a week. This time, Paleo isn’t a chore. Eating is fun. I actually eat probably better, more exciting meals than before.

Clean eating is a pretty cool thing. When you’re not eating a diet full of processed garbage, you just feel good. When you’re not eating processed sugar, food tastes amazing. Fruit literally tastes like candy. It’s like your tastebuds are alive.

I’m not here to push the Paleo way of eating on anyone, however if you’re looking to change up your diet and willing to spend a little more in the kitchen, try it for a month.

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