Cavegirl Scout Cookies


After reading about the Paleo Thin Mint variation of  the Mudslide Fudge Cookies, I wondered if anybody else had come up with other Paleo girl scout cookies.  That search resulted in finding a recipe for Paleo Samoa Girl Scout Cookies, which I like to call Cavegirl Scout Cookies.  Samoas are were my very favorite, so I was pretty excited for this clean version of the cookie. 

This recipe was a little tricky. The dough was still pretty gooey after 30 minutes, so I recommend letting it chill for maybe 45-60 minutes otherwise the dough will stick to the parchment paper.  This is what happened to me, so I just ended up putting clumps of dough onto my baking stone then shaping them.  I also cut the hole out of the middle after I baked them.  I didn’t have any coconut nectar, so I just used a bit of honey in the caramel sauce.  It still ended up being runny.  Next time, coconut nectar.  I think it will thicken the caramel sauce considerably, making it easier to drizzle onto the cookie. 

Even though there were a few hiccups and this recipe took an unnecessarily long time to prepare (on my part, not the recipe’s fault), they were pretty amazing.  Every part of this cookie is delicious.  The dough, the baked cookie, the chocolate, the coconut sugar caramel sauce, the toasted coconut.  The flavors go together really well.  It’s a fun twist on the original.  These will be made again.

Recipe found HERE.


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