Gingerbread Squares


I decided to quick whip up a batch of these babies at work today.  Super easy recipe.  Just dump everything into a bowl, mix it up, then bake it.  I was able to get these made between ambulance calls.  Paramedic approved.

I was pretty pleased with how these guys turned out. They weren’t dry or dense in the least bit.  They were surprisingly fluffy.  The recipe suggested baking them for around 25 minutes (when the center is cooked through).  I ended up cooking them for around 40 minutes in the oven at work.  They also recommend storing the pan in the fridge.  I would STRONGLY recommend it, but not because they need refrigeration.  I know if I left the pan out in plain sight, I would end up eating the entire pan….I may or may not already be 1/4 of the way there. 

Recipe found HERE.

Happy gingerbreading!


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