Red Curry with Chicken and Vegetables

IMAG2134I met a friend at a new Thai place in town a few weeks ago and have been craving curry ever since.  The coconut milk, the curry flavor… I really love curry a lot.  It reminds me of my college days.  Every so often, a big group of us would get together and make elaborate curry-filled meals.  

There are many many many paleo-friendly curry recipes on the Internets.  The day that I made this, I had worked a short 12 hour shift and was exhausted.  I browsed through a handful of different recipes until I found one that A. I had all of the ingredients for and 2. was super simple.

coconut oil
curry paste
coconut milk

As far as vegetables, I added peppers, onions, carrots, and peppers.  I also added some peas, but no need to call the Paleo police.  I happened to have some on hand so I threw them in there. 

Really ridiculously simple.  When I have more time I will make something more complex and delicious, but for now, spot was hit.  There are many Paleo curry variations.  This is just a simple Paleo curry base for you to start with. Experiment a little. Really, the sky is the limit.  Ginger, garlic, spinach, eggs, sweet potato, peppers…add it.  What do you like in your favorite curry dish?

Curry warms the soul….and cleans out the sinuses. 

You can find this recipe HERE.


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