Pizza Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

IMAG2140If you loved the butternut squash lasagna, you’ll dig this one too.  I am always drawn to the recipes that make me think huh…that’s an interesting combination.

The rules are simple.  Bake a sweet potato. Add some sauce.  Add some meat.  Add some vegetables.  Bake it again.  Grab a fork.  Eat it up.

As mentioned in the recipe, oven roasted sweet potatoes are best.  Sweeter flavor.  I agree with that.  However, to expidite the cooking process, I used a baked potato bag for the microwave.  Genius.  I love that thing.

Oftentimes I make my own meat and tomato sauce, but this time I decided to “cheat” and use store bought.  I found some really good pizza sauce, no sugar added, just tomatoes and spices.  As far as toppings, I browned a combination of beef/sausage. For veggies, I sauteed some mushrooms, onions, peppers, and garlic. I pretty much followed the recipe.  Added a few sliced olives on top as well as a little parmesan cheese.  I know, PALEO POLICE.  Note: watch out for the lid of the olive can…there WILL be sharp edges if you don’t have a fancy can opener. Also, if you slice the side of your thumb, there WILL be blood.  Just throwing that out there.   

I also made a sweet potato pizza for my husband.  For his I added sauce, beef/sausage mixture, pepperoni, and cheese.  I sent it to work with him last night.  He has not given me a review on it yet.  I’m sure he loved it.

You can make this by using the recipe HERE.

Note: our puppy dog wanted to help.  As you can see, his snout approves of this recipe.







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