I have been meaning to make some Bacon mayonnaise for awhile now. Mayonnaise is something that I miss. Hellman’s, specifically. Now, there are tons of recipes for Bacon mayo. This one was one of the first ones I saw so I decided to give it a whirl.

2/3 cup Bacon fat (from approx 1 pound of bacon)
4 egg yolks
Cider vinegar
Dijon mustard

The recipe says if you don’t have enough bacon fat, use vegetable oil. Well, I say, cook more bacon. I have been saving bacon fat for awhile now for just this reason.

I got a little too eager with this recipe and added everything together in a bowl and blended it all together. Turns out, you’re not supposed to do that. You are to add the egg yolks, vinegar, and mustard together then very slowly add the bacon fat in a thin stream until It’s completely incorporated and the mixture is thick and creamy. Then add the salt and pepper.  My bacon mayo isn’t quite completely creamy. That’s ok. It doesn’t have to look pretty to taste good. The Dijon mustard and vinegar make it taste a lot like deviled eggs, which I happen to love.

I think I will use this on burgers, in tuna salad, on lettuce wraps, as a Veggie dip…. Really, the possibilities are endless.

Like I said, there are many many bacon mayo recipes. Do you have a favorite?

HERE is the recipe.

Here’s to bacon!


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