Boneless Short Rib Breakfast Tacos


Ridiculously simple and just as delicious.


2# boneless, skinless Pork short ribs
2 Tablespoons real Maple syrup
2 tsp Garlic powder
Salt, to taste

1. Plug in slow cooker
2. Cut ribs into thirds then add to slow cooker
3. Add syrup, garlic powder, and salt
4. Cook for 8-10 hours
5.  Devour

Recipe called for 2# pork short ribs. I used approx 2.5# pork back ribs (with bones).  Also, instead of garlic powder and salt, I just used garlic salt and called it good. The instructions said to throw everything into the crock pot, but I opted to sear the pork prior to crock potting. I cut the pork into 3 chunks. Next, I salted and peppered the ribs, then browned them in some olive oil. THEN, I threw them into the crock pot with the other ingredients. I let this chill all day. I was skeptical because you don’t add any juices to the crock pot, and was pleasantly surprised. The pork was perfectly done and the flavor was spot on. I had a few friends over, and the one who claims to not like pork asked for seconds.

To complete the meal, there is a recipe for coconut flour tortillas.

Coconut flour
Coconut milk

Mix that business up and make it as you would a pancake.  The tortillas that I made were kind of like a crepe. Fairly flavorless. The recipe made about 6-8 tortillas.

I loaded each tortilla with pork, sliced tomato, green chilis, and crumbled bacon. I suppose to make these breakfastalicious, one could add eggs.

So good, so good.  I will be making this again, especially the pork.  Simple and delicious. The best combo.

Recipe HERE.


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