Pecan Hummus


Since eating clean, I have missed my hummus….a lot. I used to go to town on the spicy pepper hummus and veggies.  Chickpeas fall into the legume category, which is not Paleo. Suffice it to say, I was pretty excited to find this recipe. 

4 ingredients

I also added a little EVOO and used garlic pepper instead of plain black pepper. Mix all of the ingredients in a food processor. That’s it. Easiest recipe. Ever.

I chose to try out the hummus by dipping some carrot sticks into it. I was expecting it to taste like hummus. Turns out, it doesn’t really taste like hummus…obviously has a nutty flavor.  This is a really good substitute for hummus. This would also be pretty delicious with ants on q log (celery and raisins). In the future, I plan to experiment a little more with other flavors (roasted red pepper, basil, green olives, etc.).

Try this one out. Let me know what fun ingredients you would add to the recipe.

Thank you, Cassandra, from Fed and Fit for posting such great recipes. 

Recipe found HERE.

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