Coconut Flour Apple Pancakes


I have a rare day off today,  thought it would be a good day to try some apple pancakes.

What you need:
Milk (non-dairy)
Honey or real maple syrup
Sea salt
Coconut flour

Mix everything together except for the Apple. Once everything is mixed, fold in the Apple then stir it all together. Finally, cook up some flapjacks.

A. I was fresh out of almond milk this am, so I substituted the milk with heavy whipping cream.
2. The recipe says to either shred or chop the Apple. I chose to shred it. I used a larger grater, so in my mind, it was like eating Apple hashbrowns. Next time I would use a smaller grater or dice the Apple. Other than that, I was pleased with how the pancakes turned out.
C. I used maple syrup instead of the honey as a sweetener. I’m sure honey is just as delicious as the syrup.
4. It was nice to see such a small amount of coconut flour used. You don’t have to deplete your spendy grain-free flour stash with this one.

The Apple is subtle and goes well with the coconut flavor.  Growing up, my mom used to make these amazing Apple pancakes complete with powdered sugar on top. This was a decent substitute for the Apple pancake breakfast I remember from when I was little.

You can find the recipe HERE.


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