Paleo Mayo Round 2


The last paleo mayo that I made was pretty mustardy. My husband doesn’t care for mustard, so I wanted to find a recipe that was a little more mild.

This recipe doesn’t actually call for Bacon fat, but I decided to try substituting the olive oil with Bacon fat.

Here is what you need
Lemon juice
Mustard powder
White pepper
Sea salt
Light olive oil -OR- bacon fat

Mix everything, except for the olive oil/bacon fat, together in the food processor. Mix until the concoction is almost frothy. The recipe says to add the olive oil VERY slowly. With the bacon fat, I made sure that it was cool, yet still slightly liquidy. I’m trying to think of something to compare the consistency to, but finding it difficult. I suppose you could compare the consistency to that of butter that’s half liquid/half softened. Anyway, once the bacon fat was cool enough, I added it to the food processor maybe a tablespoon at a time.

This mayo actually turned out perfectly. The texture is spot on, just like the real deal. The flavor IA subtle. Big on the bacon, light on the mustard.

I mixed it with some tuna and a pickle. Pretty great actually. I recommend it.

Baconnaise recipe is HERE.


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