Work Health Survey

I just took an online health assessment survey for work.  The results say that according to my BMI, I should consider losing weight becuase I’m overweight.  Oh, and my diet could use an overhaul.  I should choose healthier food options.  I should set goals for myself and try to obtain them.  I don’t get enough grain.  I will stay fuller, longer, if I ate more grain.  My calcium intake is low. The first step? I should pay attention to the food that I eat. Oh, and lastly, I need to be careful with the firearms that I have in my house.


As far as weight, I’m good.  I mean, a lot of us have that extra 10 pounds we’re looking to get rid of, but really, I’m not overweight.  Besides, muscle weighs more than fat.  Clearly, my answers to the diet portion will throw off the survey a bit.  I don’t eat grain, I don’t eat dairy, and I eat fats.  I’ve got this, survey people.   I think I pay pretty good attention to the foods that I eat.  I do a really good job of this actually.  There was one little question in there about whether or not I have firearms in my house.  The answer is yes.  Safety first.  Guns are pretty serious business; we don’t take them lightly.

Of course this survey was based off of the guidelines for nutrition.  I have been reading up a little on the guidelines.  Just interesting is all.  I really do believe in the way that I eat.  It works, man.


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