Believe it

Is there a topic that you could talk about all day?  Your sweet ride? Weather?  Vacationing? The trendiest restaurants in town? One of my coworkers made the mistake of asking me about the Paleo way of eating.  Well, since you asked… I started talking, and 10 minutes later I realized that I should probably shut my mouth and look a little less eager.  I LOVE talking about clean eating.  I find joy in helping people make better eating choices.  That “A-ha” moment that people get when the whole clean eating thing clicks. Love it. 

I know I’ve talked about this before, but if there’s something that you’re passionate about, tell people about it.  I mean, obviously, you don’t want to be that guy or girl, but if you really believe in something, share the wealth. Talk about it. Educate.  There are a handful of things that I am truly passionate about.  Fitness, clean eating, and overall health definitely fit into that category.  To be honest, my first reaction is to turn my nose up, shake my head, and point my finger in disgust.  You had HOW MANY CUPCAKES this week??!?  BUT…I realize that will be a loser situation.  If I responded that way, we would get nowhere.  I try to avoid belittling someone for their terrible food choices, and work on building them up the best way that I can.  Instead of nagging, I choose encouraging. I know that if someone wants to change, they need to have the desire to do it.  There’s nothing that I can say or do that will make them change.  I figure that encouraging them is one step closer to the change that they know they need.

The whole believing in it thing, that’s really why I decided to create this blog and my Facebook page.  There is quite a bit of information on the Paleo way of eating. An overwhelmingly amount of information.  My hope is to write and explain it in a way that I understand.  Short and simple.  I also get really excited when I try out new recipes, and I like to share those with anyone who is interested.  Oh, and I really dig taking food pictures. 

Thanks for checking out the blog and page from time to time.  I am truly humbled at how many people are talking about it, sharing it, telling their friends, asking questions. I figured a few of my friends would “Like” some of my recipes and that’s about it.  This has become a way cooler thing than I ever thought it would.  I love how many people are thinking about clean eating.  Asking me hey, is this Paleo?  Making a clean food choice for a not so clean one.  Well done, my friends.  As always, questions, comments, concerns…comment or message me.   

On a sidenote, while looking through the Googles for a good picture to post portraying “strong feelings,” a picture of Edward and Bella from Twilight was included in the first few images.  Made me laugh just a little.  I chose this one instead… This quote is really a perfectly eloquent way of what I’m trying to say.



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