Grateful Chef June 12

Brandy Lueders is the Grateful Chef.  She, along with her partner, John, create food.  Each week, they put together a menu with a handful of items that you can order for pick up.  Usually a combination of entrees, sides, and/or desserts.  Vegan, vegetarian, Paleo, raw, meat-lovers…something for everyone.  I have ordered from her a handful of times.  Every single thing that I have ordered has been fantastic. Thoroughly impressed. 

This week, I ordered two items. 

Roasted Chicken Salad with Green Goddess Dressing was the entrée that I ordered.  Description as follows:
A wonderful summer salad consisting of roasted chicken, toasted pecans, apples, raisins, mixed greens and a homemade food5Green Goddess Dressing. (Creamy herb and green onion dressing)

The salad came with the greens, pecans, apples, raisins, chicken, and dressing all separated.  I sliced up the apples using my new mandolin slicer then combined it all into a big bowl.  First of all, there’s the green goddess dressing.  Holy delicious goodness.  Onions, garlic, TONS of herbs.  The dressing also had some sour cream and mayo in it to make it extra creamy, otherwise it was pretty Paleo.  I decided that this would be an acceptable cheat.  Couldn’t get enough of this stuff.  Such rich flavor.  The tanginess of the apples and the raisins combined with the crunchiness of the pecans completed this meal.  The flavors complimented each other perfectly.  Just a great salad.  Refreshing and cool on a hot summer day.

food6For dessert, I ordered Raw Almond Joy Bars. Description: Inspired by Susan Powers of Rawmazing…Raw almond butter, coconut oil, cocoa powder and coconut sugar create a delicious crust, which is layered with sweet and creamy coconut and finished with raw almonds and cocoa deliciousness…A lovely and decadent summer treat!

A delightful combination of coconut and chocolate.  Loaded with flavor, and just a hint of sweet.  Perfect amounts of the chocolate/coconut combo in each bite.  I just ended up digging in and eating it with a spoon.  Perfect ending to a delicious meal.

The link to the Grateful Chef’s website is HERE. If you live in the Des Moines area, I strongly recommend adding your name to the email list.  You can also find them on Facebook.  Affordable, delicious, and convenient. I really look forward to Grateful Chef nights because I know I will get quality food and the clean up is easy.   Brandy and John love what they do.  Their passion for food is apparent with the food that they create.  Well done, my friends.


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