Sugar Will Always Be Sugar

Looking back at some of the recipes that I’ve posted, I realize how many sweets and desserts I make and write about. The last month or so, I’ve tried to refrain from making and posting any big paleo desserts. Even though it’s Paleo, it’s still sugar. I guess the way I see it is that it’s not fair. I’m trying to eat clean, hopefully you are too. I want to hear about success stories. Desserts …should be an occasional thing, not an everyday occurance.

I’ve tried increasing my veggie intake and really tried to watch my sugar, including limiting my fruit to about 1 serving a day. I have noticed a significant difference. I felt like I had plateaued with the way that I looked and felt, but since upping my veggies and really watching sugar, I have noticed a significant difference, mainly with weight, becoming more lean, losing belly fat, and an increase in energy. It’s simple really, more of the good stuff, less of the not so good stuff. Sugar will always be sugar.

So, in addition to decreasing the amount of sweet recipes, I hope to add more recipes that are easy to make with ingredients that aren’t crazy obscure. I know some of you live in towns where you don’t have a plethora of ridiculous health food sections in the grocery store, and I want you to be able to make the recipes too.

I do my best. As always, feedback is ALWAYS welcome. Recipes, snacks, questions…happy to help.


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