Summer Bodies Are Made in the Winter

“Summer bodies are made in the winter.” 

I had heard this from someone awhile ago and didn’t give it much thought.  Recently, it has been coming to mind quite a bit. 

I think so often we are looking for quick results.  I’m sure we’ve all been there. “If only I could lose this last 10-20 pounds…” “There’s that wedding I have in a few months” or “hey, spring break is in 4 weeks” or even “I really need to get rid of this baby fat.”  The key is to get rid of all of those fad and crash diets.  In my opinion, a fad diet won’t get you anywhere.  While you may drop the weight, you will be hungry ALL.THE.TIME and you will most likely gain the weight back.  Plus, you are probably depriving your body of the good stuff that it craves and needs.  Drop the word “diet” and replace it with “lifestyle.”  To me, the word diet is temporary (The reason I call it the Paleo way of eating or the Paleo lifestyle vs. Paleo diet…it’s misleading).  If you’re looking for weight loss and want to do it in a healthy manner, it takes time. If you want it to work (and stick) make it a lifestyle change.  

There is a reason that I use the J word and call this my Paleo journey.  It’s a continued work in progress.  There have been plenty of frustrations and plateaus, but I know that I’m making healthy choices and I feel pretty great.  That’s what keeps me going. 

When I started eating clean, I just wanted to be healthy.  I wanted to feel better.  Weight-loss was an added perk.  Down 15 pounds in about 6 months.  Our anniversary is in September, and we have a 10 day beach vacation in Mexico planned with some friends.  I’ve been doing the clean eating thing since January.  My poolside body will be ready by September. 

It takes time, but it’s worth it. 100% worth it. 

summer body


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