Another post on massages.  Yesterday was massage Monday.  I was feeling chatty, so I talked a little bit about CrossFitters and massages with my massage therapist. I know she has worked on a few CF’ers in the past, so I asked her if she has noticed anything differently with people who CrossFit vs those who don’t.  The main thing that she has noticed is significant upper back tightness and knots.  She went on to say that since CrossFit is big on core strength and a lot of times WODs incorporate quite a bit of shoulder and upper body movement, the athlete’s back is usually a mess.

This is the part where I encourage you to get regular massages.  I have noticed a tremendous improvement with my regular hot stone deep tissue massages.  Really, you are missing out if you don’t get them.  Also, I highly recommend mobility work as well as foam roller/lacrosse ball work. 

Check out Kelly Starrett’s website HERE as well as his book “Becoming a Supple Leopard.”  The book is pretty legit.  Take care of yourself.  Take every chance you can get to prevent injury.


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