I saw this one on Facebook as well and have been craving guacamole since.This recipe is pretty standard and simple to make. I’ve been making guacamole this way for awhile.

What you need:
3 avocados

This particular recipe calls for red onion. I used yellow. I added about half of an onion, 1 medium sized Jalapeño (diced and seeds removed), about 4 garlic cloves, and a few squeezes lime juice. Basically adjust quantities to taste. The recipe is really just a guideline.

Cut, chop, dice, mash, eat. Simple enough.

I used veggie chips to dip into the guacamole. Terra brand is the one I use. It’s pretty clean for the most part. They’re a good gluten free, veggie based alternative to tortilla chips.

Guacamole is dangerous. I could eat this stuff all day.

Recipe HERE.


2 thoughts on “Guacamole

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