Strong vs. Skinny

“I need to go on a diet so I can be skinny.”  Everyone is always talking about wanting to be skinny. Really, skinny isn’t always the best option.  I recently did a poll with some of the guys at work.  I showed them a picture of a skinny woman, then showed them a picture of a CrossFit woman who was fit.  Each dude one chose strong & fit over skinny.  Most of them commented on how the strong & fit looked healthier. Skinny looked too skinny.

Strong & fit doesn’t always mean skinny.  Furthermore, weight lifting doesn’t always mean bulky.  I feel like I’m strong & fit, but not skinny AND I’m not bulky.  I go the gym just about every day.  I eat clean about 90% of the time.  I have seen the pounds and the inches drop and my body become more toned.  Still not skinny.  I don’t have a skinny build.  Each person is built differently.  I have seen a lot of my “skinny” friends become strong & fit just as often as I have seen some of my bigger friends do the same.  With strong & fit the goal, it doesn’t matter what size you are or what size you end up. 

If you search for motivational quotes or pictures, you will find an over abundance of pictures of abs with some sort of motivational quote on them.  I will never post pictures like that.  I want you to strive to be fit…whatever that looks like to you.


It’s easy to want to look like the skinny people on tv, but once you stop trying to compare yourself to the pictures on advertisments and start working on you, life gets a lot better. 

skinny person edit


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