Yesterday, we went out to eat at a little pizza place with some good friends of ours who sadly moved away today.  I decided to have a cheat meal and indulge in the pizza.  I didn’t feel an ounce of guilt. 

In the past, whenever I had a cheat, I felt incredibly guilty.  I would be hard on myself and regret it for the rest of the day.  On the flipside, sometimes I even thought “Well, I ruined my entire day with that one cheat meal.  Might as well eat like garbage the rest of the day.” 

When you’re committed to clean eating, it’s ok to have a cheat once in awhile.  It’s perfectly normal and totally expected.  I believe in cheats, which I prefer to call treats, once in awhile for two reasons.  1. Everyone has their favorite foods.  It’s good to have those once in awhile for sanity as well as success in one’s clean eating journey.  Enjoying our favorite foods makes us happy.  2. I know for me, when I eat a favorite food that’s not on the clean list, I tend to feel pretty miserable afterwards.  It just reminds me why I choose to eat clean. 

So there you have it.  Enjoy a treat once in awhile.  ONCE IN AWHILE.


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