Skipping Lunch Fail

While walking through the halls of the hospital yesterday, I overheard an employee make mention that she skipped lunch the day before and was planning on doing the same that day. She said it with almost a boastful tone.  Then there’s me “Oh, it’s 0930?  I’m on my third meal of the day already.”

A few thoughts on this. 

First, I think “holy, hunger.”  I rarely go hungry.  I eat many times throughout the day.  Skipping meals WILL make you hungry.  Hunger leads to overeating.  Overeating leads to…well, you get the picture. 

Could skipping meals lead to…wait for it…weight gain??
Regularly skipping meals could make your body go into starvation mode.  Metabolism will slow which causes the body to use fewer calories to conserve energy.  If weight-loss is what you’re going for, you don’t want a slower metabolism, you want to speed it up.  In addition to slower metabolism, skipping meals may lead to fainting, dizziness, irritability, low blood sugar, headaches, dehydration, weakened immune system, along with a score of others. Bad news Bears.

Skipping meals a few times a week won’t help you to lose weight.  In order to lose 1 pound, you need to find a way to get rid of an extra 3500 calories.  So, in order to lose 1 pound a week, you need to scrap about 500 calories a day.  Instead of going hungry at lunch, an easy way to do that is to clean up your eating.  Don’t starve yourself, just make better choices. 

My suggestion will always be to eat.  No time?  Pack some small protein-rich snacks to have on your way to the Dr appointment or while getting your hair done or during whatever it is that you need to do instead of eat lunch.  Something that will satiate your hunger as well as keep your blood sugar up.  I keep a small packet of almond butter along with some pre-packaged nuts and berries trail mix in my car for emergencies.  When I’m working, I keep a package of almonds and a KIND bar or LARABAR in the pockets of my medic pants and flight suit in case hunger attacks en route.

When I have more time, I like to have ants on a log complete with celery sticks, Justin’s almond butter, and raisins.  I eat it up until I’m full.  Fat, protein, fruit, vegetable.  Perfect.  I also like cucumber sandwiches.  Slice a cucumber lengthwise, scoop out the innerds, add a little mustard, turkey lunchmeat, and just a little swiss.  If you’re a big snacker, keep some almonds or carrot sticks at work for mindless snacking.  Sometimes on ambulance trips, a gas station is the only place to fuel your body.  No worries.  My go-to snack is a slice of cheese, bag of almonds or pumpkin seeds (look at ingredients…sugar is sneaky), beef jerky (this one is tough…just try to find the kind with the cleanest ingredients), and maybe some fruit.  I have also been known to grab a couple of the pre-packed hard-boiled eggs.  I typically get the “I am completely disgusted by your food choice and I may vomit” look by my medic partner, BUT it’s a solid protein choice. Enjoy your cream cheese danish, Combos, and Mt. Dew, pal.   

When you clean up your eating, you will find that you can actually eat MORE.  Since going Paleo, I have found that I lose weight by eating.  By eating more throughout the day, I am never hungry AND it helps to keep my energy up.  I don’t get that sluggish feeling mid-afternoon. 

Don’t skip lunch, man.  You will not win.   If it’s a time thing, think ahead.  Pack snacks.  If it’s a weight thing, clean up your eating.

Need suggestions on some eat this, not that (Paleo as well as clean eating) foods?  Looking for some solid snack suggestions?  I would love to help you out.  Feel free to comment or message me.



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