A Paleo Fiesta


A paramedic student made some taco chicken the other day; I’ve been craving it ever since.

I sliced 4 chicken breast in half, seasoned with s&p, then the it on the grill for a little bit. Once that was perfectly grilled, I let it cool, shredded it, then tossed it in taco seasoning. The spices and the grill flavor go well together. If course you could always make your own taco seasoning, but I was all about the quick and easy with this one.

In the meantime, I grated 1 head of cauliflower into a pot, added a little butter, then heated it for a bit. After the butter was melted, I added salsa, green onion, red onion, s&p. I cooked this until most of the juices had cooked out. Again, you could make your own salsa and spices, but I was going for simple. If you choose to use pre-packaged salsa, check your labels. Sugar is sneaky.

I also whipped up some guacamole. I threw 2 avocados into the food processor for just a little bit. I’m a fan of chunky guac. To that, I added red onion, garlic, Jalapeño, and s&p. I used Terra brand veggie chips to dip into the guac.

I had the chicken over a handful of spinach to make a salad. This entire meal was pretty delicious. Spot hit. Cleanup, however….not as fun.



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