Belleville Minimalist Training Boot

minimil2I support using a minimalist shoe for the gym.  I’ve worn the Reebok nano 2.0 , and I’ve worn the Inov-8 F-Lite 230.  When I heard about the Belleville Minimalist Training Boot, I was intrigued.  I need to send in my current boots (Danner brand) to get resoled, so I thought I try out minimalist boots for work.  They came in the mail this week. 

Here’s the good stuff:
-Vibram sole.  Comfort and slip-resistant.  I experienced this today after the bay floors were cleaned at the station.  No slipping.
-5mm drop.  Drop is the height differential between the heel and mid-sole.  Typical drop for a duty boot is approx 20mm.  A 5 mm drop is a lot more natural and comfortable for extended periods of time on one’s feet.
-Quick Lace.  This boot does not come with a side zip, but the quick lace feature makes it easy to tie for those middle of the night calls. 
-Less than 2# per pair. Pretty light compared to my Danners which were over 3#.
-Leather near the bottom of the boot and nylon towards the top make them light and breathable.  There is also a cushioned heel and reinforced ankle. 
-Comfort.  Ridiculously comfortable.  They’re kind of like wearing socks.  It’s pretty great.  Also, they’re comfortable enough where I feel like I could workout in them.  I ran around the yard in them the day that I got them in the mail.  Pretty slick.

Good for Belleville.  There aren’t many minimalist boots out there.  I dig it.  The perfect summer fashion for work. 

Video Review


After wearing these boots for  a few shifts, I have fallen in love with them.  I am finally able to stand for longer periods of time without pain in my back.  Comfort is huge with these boots.  Also, they’re not bad at all to lace up for those middle of the night calls.  If you’re looking for new duty boots, consider these.  I’m definitely pleased with my purchase.


11 thoughts on “Belleville Minimalist Training Boot

  1. Hi, thank you for posting this! I’m hoping you can answer a couple of questions from a fellow paramedic. How would you describe the protection level of the toes of these boots? I’m wondering how your toes handle being stepped on, run over by the gurney, stubbed on curbs, etc. while wearing these? And, how is the fit? What size do you normally wear, and what size are you in these?

    Thank you, I hope to hear back! I am subbed to further comments by email.

  2. P.S. I am a noob and lost track of my tabs; accidentally posted the boots question on your “about me” post where it is completely out of context. Feel free to delete that. Sorry!

    • I’ll try to answer your questions the best that I can. I have made them more of a summer boot so I don’t have them with me right now at work.

      Protection. I never felt like my toes were going to break if I dropped something on them. I guess I would compare them to a non-reinforced Bates boot. I mean, it doesn’t compare to my Danner boots, but I wasn’t worked at all wearing them. I the cottage went over my toes, it would probably hurt. Let me put it this way, If i haven’t had any problems, you probably won’t either. I’m terribly accident-prone.

      Fit. I just followed what the sizing chart. I’m typically a size 10, and I ordered 2 sizes smaller, so, an 8. They fit just fine. There is a little space in the toe. It’s comfortably wide. I think so often with minimalist shoes, the toe box ends up being so narrow. Not the case here. The rest of the boot is snug. Great fit.

      A handful of firefighters and medics in my city have also purchased these boots. They all love them. Oh, another thing, If you’re not used to minimalist footwear, these boots take a bit to get used to. It’s a great calf workout. 🙂

      Hopefully that helped a little. Let me know if you have any more questions. Happy to answer them.

      • Awesome, that was very helpful. I’m in Las Vegas, so I can probably wear a summer boot year round. My regular off-duty shoes are merrell barefoots, but my current work boots are the opposite of minimalist and I finally realized that doesn’t make much sense! My merrells are size 8’s but I usually wear 7.5’s, so I’m not sure if I should order 6’s or 5.5’s in these. None of the uniform or tactical shops here carry them so I’ll have to order online.

      • Ok I think I’ll give that a shot! May have to wait for next paycheck, but I’ll stop by and tell you how they are when I get em 🙂

  3. I am an EMT also and fell in love with minimalist footwear several years ago. I was employed as a security guard at a local hospital and wore Asics wrestling sneakers for 4 years. I bought the Belleville Minimill boots and am very impressed. They wear well, are comfortable and are not too expensive. The only thing I don’t like ablout them is that the toe is a hair to wide, but of course I have a narrow foot. These boots are worth the money for use during warm not to wet weather and they do go on quickly when you have the occasional late night patient that is suffering from sniffles with back pain. 🙂

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