Wait, You Don’t Eat Bread?

Paleo.  Gluten-Free.  CrossFit.  ALL are big BUZZ words right now.  I have been applauded in addition to majorly criticized for eating the way that I do as well as following the exercise programming that I choose to follow.  10 months of clean eating.  I thought it might be a good time to go over why I have chosen to eat the way that I do.
A little over 2 years ago, I started to get into CrossFit (CF).  One of the guys I met through CrossFit told me that I should start eating Paleo.  He told me that I would feel so much better.  He went on to explain HOW to have a Paleo way of eating, but left out the WHY.  I said ok.  I’ll bite. My diet is fairly carb-overloaded, plus, I can do most anything for 30 days.  We went shopping, I dropped a couple few bucks at Costco on clean food and rid my shelves of the processed stuff once I got home.  The next 30 days, I ate strict Paleo.  No cheats.  After those 30 days, I had a “victory meal” to celebrate the end of those 30 days.  The next many months, while I stuck with the CF, I slowly quit eating Paleo.  I tried, but wasn’t successful.  I saw Paleo as a “diet.” 

This past January, I wanted to get back to Paleo.  This time around, however, I thought I’d try it from a different angle.  Instead of just doing a 30 day Paleo diet, I decided to just have it be my way of eating.  No end date.  I didn’t call it a “diet, ” I called it my Paleo lifestyle.  One day, I just quit carbs….cold turkey.  I will be honest with you, the first 5-10 days of cutting out sugar, processed food, and really everything that comes in a package, is difficult.  Your body gets angry.  “Stop the train….where is my energy?” Your body needs a little time to switch from using carbs and sugars as fuel to using solid proteins and fats as fuel and energy.  Many many people quit Paleo at this time.  Stick with it, don’t be discouraged.  Once that transition time is over, you will start to see changes.  You will drop some pounds.  You will notice increased energy.  You will sleep better.  You will feel better.  Not too long after making the switch to Paleo, I noticed that I didn’t feel bloaty, gassy, or crampy.  I never get the hiccups anymore, and I quit getting heartburn (which had been bothering me for years).  I never knew how bad I felt on a daily basis until I started to feel good.

About this time, I also as a part of a fitness challenge group.  My good friend, Laura, of Fully Fit, has regular challenge groups.  Basically, it’s a handful of people who are accountable to each other.  A private FB group is created.  Each day, everyone posts everything that they ate as well as what they did for exercise that day.  It’s really making yourself vulnerable.  Everyone can comment on how your day went.  Some days you really need that kick in the butt, “Hey, you didn’t eat enough today” or “You really had a lot of sugar today.”  Most days, however, you get a “Hey, nice work resisting that doughnut” or “Your food looked awesome.  Nice job.”  Motivation, encouragement, accountability, friendships, and the occasional butt chewing. Laura’s challenge group motivated me and really truly helped get me on track to be successful with my consistent clean eating and exercise.

Through this group, I found that I really enjoyed encouraging people to eat clean.  Shortly after starting this fitness challenge group, the Paleo Paramedic Facebook page was born, then not too long after that, this blog.  I was feeling great and I wanted all of my friends to feel great as well. I enjoyed finding fun recipes, making them, taking a picture, then sharing my thoughts on it with my friends.  I also wanted to really dive in to Paleo and learn the WHYs of the Paleo way of eating.  My first few “likes” were a couple close friends and some family.  Now, nearing my 12 month Paleo Paramedic anniversary, I’m a few shy of 400 “likes.”  I am truly humbled.  I am passionate about clean eating and fitness.  I will never try to condemn or make people feel guilty.  I guess my goal is to make my friends think.  I consider you all my friends.  I want you guys to be educated.  After eating clean, I realized that I had no idea how good I could feel just by eating.  Just by cutting out a few things from my diet.  Who wouldn’t want to share that with everyone?

I’m big on having goals.  I write them down at the beginning of the year and cross them off one by one as I accomplish them.  One of my goals at the beginning of the year was to be in the best shape of my life by the big 3.0.  I’m 1 month and 2 days away from my 30th birthday. Through eating clean and a commitment to fitness, I’m there, dude.  I have lost a few inches, toned up, dropped weight, and most of all, l feel pretty darn great.

Thanks for joining me on this journey.  Thanks for the “likes.” Thanks for the “shares.”  I’m blown away at how many people lare interested in what I have to say as well as how to eat a little better.  I’m just a paramedic who is dedicated to fitness and helping others however I can.  I’m here to help create a community dedicated to clean eating.  Questions, comments, concerns….I would be more than happy to visit with you about it all.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Your Paleo Paramedic


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