Perfect Pried Egg


Eggs.  A staple for anyone who chooses to have a Paleo way of eating.  Also one of my very favorite foods.  Liz, of Cave Girl Eats, came up with this one.

She writes:
I love eggs – always with a runny yolk – but I have major issues cooking them. It takes an average of five broken yolks for me to get one intact yolk, which I find exceedingly dumb. When I poach eggs, even with vinegar in the water, the whites go all stringy and they’re always either over- or under-done. When I fry eggs, they get all burn-y around the edges, and I don’t like that…I bought some fancy-schmancy egg cooking ring things, and not ONCE have they worked. Even when greased, they seem to hang on to the whites like Real Housewives hang on to their fleeting youth.

Yes.  Just…yes.  I can relate to this with all of my being.  Absolutely I will try making your pried eggs.


1. Add approx. 1 inch of water into your fry pan.
2. Heat until steaming.
3. Drop a large Mason jar ring into the water.
4. Crack an egg inside.
5. Cover the fry pan with a lid to allow steaming.
6. Cook until desired doneness.
7. Drain water, use spatula to remove egg from pan

Brilliant.  The egg came out perfectly!  PLUS, the egg released from the mason jar lid just as it should.  No stickage.  Liz writes “Since this is kind of a fried-poached cross, I shall call it ‘pried’.”  Really truly the perfect egg.  The doneness of poached, with the look of fried.  Try it out on this lazy Saturday morning.  Today, I chose to pair it with some tasty turkey & cranberry meatballs and a cup of coffee with a splash of heavy whip.

Happy Weekend Breakfasting!

Recipe HERE.


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