Paleo Kielbasa & Super Kraut


I’ve made a handful of recipes from the PaleoPot page.  Every single one that I have made has been pretty fantastic. The majority of the recipes on the have been crock potified.  He really tries to create delicious one pot meals that are simple and easy on the wallet.  This recipe came across my Facebook newsfeed recently. I earmarked it in my “To Make” file.  I saved it for a chilly, snowy day.  Something to warm the soul AND the belly.

Sauerkraut, 1 large bag (approx 2#)
Red cabbage, half of 1 medium head, shredded
Beef Kielbasa, 1-1.5#, sliced into 1/2″ or 1″ pieces


1. Pour the sauerkraut into your crock pot / slow cooker, including the juices.
2. Add the shredded red cabbage and mix evenly into the sauerkraut.
3. Cut the kielbasa into 1/2″ to 1″ lengths
4. Place the kielbasa (cut sides up) around the edges of the crock pot to form a ring. Use the excess kielbasa slices to start a second ring inside of the first.
5. Cover your crock pot / slow cooker and cook on low for 4 to 5 hours.
6. Eat, enjoy, package the leftovers for tomorrow or the next day.

I feel like sauerkraut is a love it or hate kind of food.  As I have gotten older, I have really grown to love it.  I’m a big fan of corned beef and sauerkraut on St Patrick’s Day.  I also enjoy a Reuben every now and again.  That being said, the whole sauerkraut thing in this recipe is what caught my eye.  Two more things that drew me to this particular recipe were 1.  Slow cooker.  Duh.  B. 3 ingredients.  That’s it.  Meat and vegetables.  Done and done.

The recipe calls for bag-o-kraut.  I had trouble finding that, so I ended up using a jar, which worked out just fine.  With the kielbasa, check labels.  Look for those sneaky sugars (i.e. corn syrup).  They’re everywhere.  It may be a bit spendier, but look for the kielbasa with just meat, no tricky extras.  As far as the cabbage, I found a decently sized small one and shredded the crap out of it.  I recommend using a larger shredder.  That’s it.  No salt.  No pepper.  No spices.  Just 3 simple ingredients.

After about 5 hours, my house was smelling pretty fantastic, although I did have to apologize to my husband for “stinking” up the house like cooked cabbage.  After snapping a few fancy pictures of my meal, I literally inhaled it.  This stuff is pretty tasty.  All the flavors just blend together so well.  The tangy kraut.  The color, texture, and unique flavor of the cabbage.  The slightly crispy, plump and juicy kielbasa.  Delicious.  Couldn’t get enough.  Even better on day 2 and 3.  I plan to make this at the station for my firefighter friends sometime in the not too distant future.

Happy eating!

Recipe HERE.  While you’re there, peruse through his other recipes.  Something for everyone!


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