Holiday Heavyweight & Thoughts on the New Year

I admit I was a little nervous going into this holiday season.  I’m a sucker for my mom’s Christmas cookies and was curious how my self-control would fare with all of the treats, snacks, appetizers, and homemade food that would be placed before me.  For my fitness challenge group that I’m a part of, we weigh ourselves and measure ourselves every 2 weeks.  We had a weigh in before Thanksgiving, a little after Thanksgiving, then right after Christmas.  I’m not one to obsess over the scale, but I was curious. 1 pound. I gained 1 pound…and a half of an inch in my thigh.  Everything else stayed the same.  I guess my emotions were surprised and happy.

A few thoughts on this…
I realize that after 1 year of Paleo, it has become the way that I eat.  I am amazed at the things that I resisted over Christmas.  For instance, I chose to eat a HUGE salad instead of a hot delicious cheese and pepperoni pizza.  I tried to get full with good stuff so I wouldn’t be tempted with the bad stuff.  Actually, the Christmas goodies didn’t really appeal to me at all.  I saw gut rot on that plate instead of sugar and cinnamon and chocolate chip tasty goodness.  I would rather have fruit.  Crazy.  I did bring a few things with me while traveling.  I made sure to pack some easy paleo snacks for my road trip home.  This kept me from getting hungry which could result in pigging out on whatever the stab n grab convenience store had in the warmer. I also took along a few Paleo staples from home.  Almond flour, almond milk, sweet potato chips.  I didn’t want to be thatgirl.  “Sorry, I can’t eat that” or “Is that Paleo?”  I knew it would be a time for a few treats, but also didn’t want to set myself up for failure.  Another thing that I did was take along some workout DVDs. The nearest CrossFit box to my hometown is about an hour and a half away.  I chose to stay home and do a few “Hotel WODs” as well as some T25 (workouts by the creater of Insanity). 

I guess the main theme during Christmas and Thanksgiving was self-preservation and setting myself up for success.  Strategy played a HUGE part in this.  I know what my weaknesses are.  I also knew that I couldn’t stay 100% Paleo.  I picked out a few favorite meals/treats and planned for them.  Everything else was off limits. 

With all of this in mind, I look toward 2014.  I’m not one to make resolutions…never have been.  I choose to set goals and make lifestyle changes throughout the year, not just January 1.  Although, I suppose now is a good time to evualuate how I’m doing at reaching my goals.  This past year, I have reached about half of my CrossFit goals.  That’s ok, they will be moved to the 2014 goal list.  This year, through my eating and dedication to the gym, I have become stronger, faster, leaner, more toned, and I have more days without pain than days with the pain.  I feel good.  I plan on staying on this track.   Also, I have more sick days in my sick day bank at work.  My immune system is healthy.  I don’t get the bronchitis/laryngitis/influenza bouts that I have had in the past.  In fact, in 2013, I haven’t been sick once from an actual illness other than food poisoning (that chicken was just a day or 2 too old.  oops.). I call that a success. 

I hear various versions of “I could never eat the way you do….I like my (insert your choice of sugar/starch/grain here) too much.  I could never give it up.  You must have a lot of self-control” ALL.THE.TIME. I eat the way that I do so that I can feel good.  It’s not easy by any means and I’m tempted constantly.  I have self-control because I MAKE myself have self-control.  The long-term reward of resisting those treats outweighs by far the immediate reward of eating those treats. 

The other day, I heard “Oh, Paleo is just a fad.”  To that I say, clean eating is not a fad.  I think we’re onto something here.  Now if the rest of the world would just hop aboard the train to cleanfoodville, we’d be set.

Happy Eating and a Happy New Year!  Cheers to 2014



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