Life is Good


While reading through a recent issue of my Alma Mater’s alumni magazine, I came across an interesting article.  The article is called “Life is Good!” Bert Jacobs, co-founder of the Life is Good company, spoke at my school’s Homecoming celebration this past year.  The article talks about how Jacobs spoke on how we all have a choice to be an optimist vs pessimist. Jacobs went on to say “It doesn’t just put a bounce a step.  It makes you magnetic.  It makes things happen.  It connects you to other people. …it’s the world’s greatest secret.”  Jacobs talked about how once you make the choice to be optimistic, you enable “superpowers” like wisdom, creativity, compassion, and love.

I had this article bookmarked for a long time…finally got around to reading it today.  Good timing, I say.  I feel like it’s so easy to be negative, especially in this line of work.  Pessimism, cynicism…it’s all there.  Day after day after day…the negativity just builds up.  Anger and frustration are easy….but I realize how important it is to CHOOSE to be optimistic. Life is better when you look on the brighter side.  Something as simple as thinking “I get to” instead of “I have to.”

“Some days, you just have to create your own sunshine.”




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