Meatza Round 2


Quite awhile ago, I posted the recipe for Mexican Meatza.  It’s basically pizza with a meat crust.  Grain-free, gluten-free, etc.  It’s one of my favorites, and it’s super easy to make.  This past week, the Grateful Chef had meatza on their menu.  Pork and Apple Meatza Pie.  Same idea, different toppings.  Their version used a seasoned ground pork “crust” topped with a light Dijon mustard sauce, sautéed apples, cabbage and caraway seeds.

I was pretty excited to see this on their menu for a couple of reasons.  1.  It’s Paleo.  100% Paleo goodness.  2. This recipe is an excellent well-balanced meal.  Protein, vegetables, fruit.  Perfect.  3. The flavors.  Pork, apple, cabbage, mustard, caraway…I was intrigued.  I love trying new flavor combinations.

This was wonderful.  The meaty, salty flavor of the pork.  The sweet apple goodness.  The cabbage was subtle.  Not overpowering at all.  It had a mild, almost earthy flavor.  The Dijon mustard was kind of the wildcard.  It had a little zip.  It was a fun surprise.  Lastly, the caraway.  Every so often, you get a caraway seed in a bite.  Oh, hey, caraway.  You’re fun.

All in all, my taste buds were crazy happy with this dish.  Meatza in general is really easy to make.  I’m pretty sure most picky eaters will even enjoy it.  Try it out.  This is a delicious spin on your typical carby pizza.

This recipe was created by Melissa from The Clothes Make the Girl. It can be found on her website as well as in her cookbook Well Fed.

Happy Eating!

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