The Wise Track Coach

What have you done to make yourself better today?

High school track.  Our coach would say this AT LEAST once a day.  The beginning of practice, during, afterwards….on the bus to a meet, at a meet.  This was engrained into our heads.  I had heard it thousands of times, but I’m fairly certain that I just blew it off.  When I was 17, I chose to focus on the Toblerone chocolate bar reward if I placed at a meet or broke a record, rather than dwell on the wise words of coach. Funny how one’s motivation can change.

While thinking about the start of 2015, I was reminded me of Coach Loberg’s words.  What did 2014 look like and what will 2015 bring?  Disappointments. Happy times.  Everything in between.  What can I do to be better in 2015?

The new year always brings resolutions.  I think I have become annoyed and bitter with said resolutions.  In my mind, I think “you should CONSTANTLY be making and meeting goals…why must one only make a New Years resolution?”  I think one frustration is that resolutions tend to include the word “try.”  A wise little Jedi once said “Do or do not.  There is no try.” Set your mind to something and do it.  When you remove “try” from your vocabulary, you have made the decision that you ARE capable of said task and that nothing will stand in your way of reaching that goal.

For me, 2015 will bring an end to mediocrity.

I want to improve in the gym.  Faster, stronger, better.  I will step it up.  I have been following CrossFit programming and doing the WODs on my own, but to be better, I decided to join a box again.  More accountability and face-to-face coaching.  I plan to increase the intensity as well as really work on solid warmups as well as mobility.  I’ll get there.

I want to be more toned.  Definition.  Poolside body to be proud of.  I have decided to clean up my eating.  “I’m going to try to eat better.”  Screw that.  Sure to fail. I have become quite lenient and have been allowing too many treats lately.  A friend of mine recently said “Vegetarians don’t have cheat days.” Definitely makes me rethink my food choices. 6-7 servings of produce a day. Each meal consisting of a solid protein, a huge portion of produce (carb), and a little fat. Sticking with my Paleo Plate the best way that I can.

My goal for 2015 is to be able to have an answer for my track coach’s question each and every single day.What about you? With your resolutions for the new year, are you going to TRY or are you going to do?