malin 2

Tattoos.  I only have one, but as they say, you never stop at one.  I’m always keeping my eyes open for new ideas.  As I was perusing through some pictures the other day, I found this one.  This is the Swedish Malin symbol.  My mom’s side of the family is Swedish, so I liked this right away.  BUT, the best part is the meaning.  In my research, I found that this symbol basically says that you have to face setbacks in order to be able to go forward.

This is the truth for all aspects of life, but man, this especially hit home for me.  This past week, I was told that I have to have MAJOR hip surgery.  Long story short, I slipped on some ice this winter and tore the cartilage in my hip.  In addition learning this, I was also told that I have really shallow hip sockets.  Alright. Ok.  Oh, and in order to fix this, and postpone an entire hip replacement in the next 10 years, I need a surgery that involves cutting a chunk of my pelvis and rotating it to make a bigger hip socket, then using screws to keep it in place. 4 months recovery…

Ton of bricks, man.  What a week.  Frustration and pain and anxiety and apprehension. So, learning the meaning of this tattoo was encouraging.  While my head was off in the land of hypothetical surgery problems and overwhelming anxiety, this kind of brought me back to earth.  I mean, whoa, Lindsay.  How about you stop, breathe, pray, trust.

Arrows are typically symbols for moving forward.  I really like how the infinity symbol is incorporated. It’s a good reminder that you’re always, ALWAYS moving forward, despite whatever setbacks may be in your way.  This is so true in life.  Life isn’t easy.  Adulting isn’t easy. So many people are struggling with things.  Eating disorders, divorce, pain, illness… Eating healthy isn’t easy.  Friendships aren’t easy.  Marriage isn’t easy.  Hip problems aren’t easy.  BUT, I truly believe that once you realize that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger; that sometimes you need to be broken in order for the light to shine through the cracks; that even when you feel weak, you are strong…..once you realize these things, whatever you may be going through just doesn’t seem quite so bad.  Just because we’re broken doesn’t mean we’re helpless OR hopeless.  Faith, my friends.  Faith and a sense of humor.