BBQ Chicken Gnocchi


The other day, I decided to check out the local Natural Grocers. It’s just a little health food chain down the road.  I was pleasantly surprised at the wide selection of Paleo, Gluten Free, grass-fed, organic, and just good-for-you options they they had to offer.  While I was there, I picked up a few things.  Grass fed ground bison, organic jelly beans, Paleo BBQ sauce, GF gnocchi, some jars of cold press coffee, organic veggies.  You know….the usual.  The Paleo Paramedic went shopping.  It’s nice to have options like this literally down the street.

My work schedule allows me to have a handful of days off at a time.  Today is one of those days.  I mean, days off are precious and cherished.  It may be a Saturday and Sunday for you, but this week, it’s Monday and Tuesday.  My typical day off schedule includes CrossFit at 0530, post WOD French press and a delicious breakfast, a little homework, play with the dog, and a delicious dinner.  I like to take a little extra time to actually create meals on my off days.  Today, I had some chicken thawed in the fridge that REALLY needed to be consumed, so I thought I’d try out my new BBQ sauce by Evolve Paleo Chef. Turns out, this stuff is made right here in Kansas, only a couple towns away. Check em out.  They have a good thing going on. I had heard of these guys before, but had never tried any of their products.  Sometimes Paleo sauces can taste a little funky, but I was pleasantly surprised with this stuff!  It’s thicker than most BBQ sauces and has a pretty complexly delicious flavor.  I dig it.  So, BBQ chicken was officially added to the menu for tonight.  Plan a: grilled chicken.  You know what one of the worst things ever is?  When you light the grill and it doesn’t start.  Out of LP.  Swear words.  Plan b: throw a little bacon fat and BBQ sauce in a pan on the stove and cook the chicken on the stovetop.  I’m a problem solver.


As I was looking in the fridge for whoknowswhat, I saws the Cappello’s gnocchi that I had purchased a few days before.  Cappello’s is a company that I have heard A LOT about. They’re a pretty big name in the Paleo world through the Facebook and the Instagram.  I have always wanted to try their products, but have never been able to find them at the store. I suppose I could have ordered online, but honestly, shipping can be a bugger. So, I was pleased when I finally found them in the store!  Pasta, pizza, cookie dough…all gluten free. I’m eager to try each of their products, but for now, just the gnocchi will have to do.


So, BBQ Chicken Gnocchi officially became tonight’s main event.  Is BBQ Chicken Gnocchi a thing?  Or did I actually create a recipe?  Either way, it’s what’s for dinner. I mean, Kansas City is about all thing BBQ, right?!?

Gnocchi, chicken breast,  BBQ sauce.  Pretty dang simple.  Pretty dang delicious.  I’m always a little skeptical of gluten free products, but I was actually surprised at how great the gnocchi tasted.  The meal as a whole was perfectly flavored.  I might not have shared…  and there might not be any leftovers.  I’ll have to make this again so that the husband can actually try it.  Overall, this meal was a huge WIN!

The thing about Paleo, or clean eating in general, is that when you go shopping, you end up with a bunch of ingredients.  When you just eat real food, it makes it kind of tricky to eat a lot of convenience foods.  With this in mind, I try to NOT set myself up for failure.  Honestly, I buy a lot of meat and just the simple plain ol’ steam-in-the-bag veggies.  A lot of days, I just don’t have the time (or patience) to spend hours in the kitchen cooking then spend hours in the kitchen with cleanup.  I also have trouble planning specific meals for each day of the week.  I’m a little jealous of my friends who are able to meal plan and prep for 7 days at a time.  Shoot, I don’t even know what I’m having for breakfast tomorrow.  My goal for each day is some protein, a lotta veggies, a little fruit, a little carb, and a little fat.  I have a pretty good idea of what I need as far as macros.  Eating doesn’t have to be complicated and it doesn’t have to be boring. Even with 3 jobs and a ridiculous schedule, I’m still able to create delicious somethings even when pressed for time. As long as you get the concept of clean eating and JERF (just eat real food), you’re golden.

As one of my pilots always says at the end of his shift briefing, “Questions, comments, concerns, grips, or complaints?”  How can I help you on your fitness/clean eating journey?



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