Paleo Dinner Rolls


A friend of mine posted this recipe to The Paleo Paramedic Facebook Page.  Paleo Dinner Rolls.  Not something that should be eaten with every meal, but for sure a side that could be enjoyed once in a while.  Sometimes one just needs a dinner roll and a little butter.

1 cup tapioca flour (starch) or Arrowroot flour
1/4 – 1/3 cup coconut flour
1 teaspoon sea salt
1/2 cup warm water
1/2 cup olive oil
1 large egg, whisked

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
2. Combine the tapioca flour with the salt and 1/4 cup of the coconut flour in a medium bowl. Mix well.
3. Pour in oil and warm water and stir. Add the whisked egg and continue mixing until well combined.
4. If the mixture is too thin you should add one or two more tablespoons of coconut flour – one tablespoon at a time –  until the mixture is a soft but somewhat sticky dough.
5. Use a spatula or large spoon to scoop out about two tablespoons of the dough and roll into balls. You will be making about 10 rolls. Use extra tapioca flour in the palms of your hands so the dough does not stick.
6.  Place each roll of dough onto a greased baking pan, parchment paper or one covered with a baking mat.
7. Serve warm with grass-fed butter.

I chose to use tapioca flour.  Tapioca flour is one of those ingredients that the Paleo Police may ding you on.  I’ve heard people go back and forth about it.  Is it Paleo….is it not?  I chose to use it.  Up to you.  I had never baked with the tapioca flour before.  Interesting texture.  Very powdery.  That’s a word, right?

I wasn’t sure how these would turn out.  The raw dough tasted kind of funky, but this recipe came highly recommended, so I carried on.  Once out of the oven, I was surprised at how dense the rolls were.  When you tear them apart, they have that bready look, so that was a good sign.  I was pleasantly surprised with the flavor.  Pretty tasty actually.  The flavor was familiar, but I couldn’t place it until a few days later.  My mom makes homemade cream puffs.  These rolls reminded me of the pastry part of the cream puff.  Perfect with a little Kerrygold butter.  Actually a pretty great side when you just need a little bread but prefer a grain-free, dairy-free option.

Happy Eating!

Recipe HERE.


Maple Paleo Cornbread


Question: What goes best with chili?  Answer: cornbread.  A friend of mine who made the Chicken Chili recipe, that I recently posted, commented that I needed to find a good cornbread recipe.  A couple weeks after that, I came across this recipe.  The site that posted it is called Paleo Porn.  Because of the name, I actually kind of felt a little dirty looking at it.  The food looks ridiculously delicious.  Paleo Porn is ok to look at on the work computer.  Guilt-free.

Maple Paleo Cornbread

2 cups blanched almond flour
1 cup coconut flour
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon sea salt
5 organic eggs
1 cup canned coconut milk
1/2 cup maple syrup
8 tablespoons grass-fed butter, melted

1.  Preheat the oven to 350°F.
2. Combine almond flour, coconut four, baking soda and sea salt in a large mixing bowl.
3. Add eggs, coconut milk and maple syrup to a small mixing bowl and combine well with a hand mixer.
4. Make a well in the center of the dry ingredients and add the wet ingredients. Mix with a hand mixer until fully combined.
5. Slowly drizzle the melted butter into the bowl while the mixer is going and mix until fully combined. The mixture will become smooth, rather than grainy, once the butter is fully mixed.
6. Pour the mixture into an 8×8 glass baking dish, smooth the top with the back of the spoon and transfer the dish to the oven.
7. Bake for 25 minutes at 350°F.
8. Increase the heat to 450°F and bake for 15 minutes, this will crisp up the top of the cornbread.
9. Reduce the heat back to 350°F and bake for final 15 minutes. Test with a toothpick to make sure inside is fully cooked. If not, keep cookin and test every 5 minutes.
10.  Remove from the oven, slice and serve.
11. Cover and store leftovers on the counter or in the refrigerator.
12. Enjoy! 🙂

Another one that makes the kitchen smell delightful.  When this guy comes out of the oven, you can’t help but slice out a little chunk.  Warm Paleo cornbread with a smear of Kerrygold butter….good for the soul.  This is fairly moist and quite a bit more dense than actual corn cornbread.  The flavor actually reminds me of the almond flour pound cake that you make for the Blueberry Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding recipe that I posted awhile ago. Not gonna lie, it doesn’t taste like the cornbread we all know and love.  The gritty corny cornbread…not so much.  BUT, this is definitely a perfect grain-free, dairy-free alternative to the actual thing.  I goes really quite well with chili.  And eggs.  And turkey.  And ham.  Really, most anything.

Happy eating!

Recipe HERE.

Paleo Cinnamon Bun In a Mug


It seems like at least once or twice a day I see a “mug cake” recipe.  The directions are simple: mix, microwave, eat.  The ingredients, well, while they may be simple, they aren’t clean in the least bit.  They vary from pudding mix to cake mix to sugar to regular flour.  When South Beach Primal posted this recipe on the Facebook, I knew I just had to try it.  A cleaner version to all of those mug recipes. Yeah, I’m down.

Cinnamon Bun
2 tbsp coconut flour
1 tsp cinnamon
Dash salt
Dash nutmeg
½ tsp baking powder
1 egg
2 tbsp almond milk (unsweetened)
1 ½ tbsp raw honey
½ tsp vanilla extract

1 tbsp coconut butter (THIS is the kind that I buy in the store)
1 tbsp almond milk (unsweetened)
1 tsp raw honey
1/2 tsp lemon juice

1. Mix all of the cinnamon cake ingredients in a coffee mug, mixing in the baking powder last.
2. Microwave for 2 minutes.
3. Mix all of the icing ingredients in a small bowl, drizzling over the hot mug cake.
4. Inhale immediately

Ri-dic-u-lous-ly easy.  Cinnamon bun with icing…in a mug.  I’m sold.  This could be dangerous.  Delicious flavor.  The icing really adds a lot.  Flavor AND a little moisture.  One of the best parts is the clean up.  A lot of my friends who eat the mug cakes complain that the cake is a bugger to clean out of the mug once the cake is gone.  With this one, that’s not an issue in the least bit.  You could totally lick the mug clean.  Also, I’ve had a few people ask me what’s so special about coconut butter….and could one substitute regular butter for the coconut butter?  In my opinion, coconut butter is creamier. It also has just a hint of flavor.  To be honest, I don’t know how this recipe would turn out with regular butter.  If you make it, let me know. I just know how tasty it is with the coconut butter. I would guess that the flavor would not be as rich with the regular butter.

In short, this is a pretty fantastic single serving cinnamon bun.  Mix, microwave, masticate.  I HIGHLY recommend checking it out.
Happy Eating!

Recipe HERE. While you’re at it, take a gander around South Beach Primal’s webpage.  Tons of good stuff!


Pumpkin Spice Donuts with Maple Almond Butter Glaze


Taylor, of Taylor Made It Paleo, posted this recipe early September.  I had never made donuts before.  I suppose I always thought of donuts as fried. I have seen Paleo donut recipes here and there, but this one really caught my eye.  Really, all things delicious. A perfect night for some sweet pumpkiny rings.


For the donuts:
2 eggs
1/4 cup unsweetened almond milk
1/4 cup pumpkin puree
1/4 cup maple syrup
2 tbsp coconut oil (melted)
2 tbsp almond butter
1 tsp vanilla
1/4 cup + 2 tbsp almond flour
1/4 cup coconut flour
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/2 tbsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp pumpkin pie spice
1/4 tsp ground cloves
1/8 tsp sea salt

For the glaze:
1 tbsp maple syrup
1 tbsp almond butter
1/2 tbsp honey
1/2 tbsp coconut oil (softened, but not melted)


1. Preheat oven to 350.
2. Grease donut pan with coconut oil (I used a mini donut pan, but a regular one would work fine, just increase baking time).
3. Combine all donut ingredients in a food processor (or mixing bowl) until a smooth batter forms and all are well incorporated.
4. Spoon batter into donut pan, filling a little more than 3/4 of each hole.
5. Bake for 15 minutes.
6. While donuts are baking, prepare your glaze by whisking all ingredients together in a small bowl until coconut oil is completely incorporated and the mixture is smooth.
7. When done, remove donuts from oven and allow to cool in pan for 10 minutes, then remove and cool on wire rack completely.
8. Once completely cool, dip the top of each donut into the glaze.
9. Enjoy!

(makes 1 dozen)


I picked up a couple donut pans today at the Bed, Bath, and Beyond for only $9 each. This recipe was simple enough.  Mix all ingredients, pour in pan, bake.  In the meantime, mix the glaze.  Really pretty tough to mess up.  As the donuts were baking, I thought they smelled delightful.  My husband even commented “mmm…smells like pumpkin donuts.”  Once out of the oven, I let them cool, then glazed them.  I couldn’t wait until they were entirely cooled.  I was eager to give them a try.  The donuts were the prefect texture and consistency. Perfectly fluffy and cake-like.  The flavor was great as well. They taste like fall.  A perfect combination of pumpkin, spices, and sweetness. Husband loved them too.  Totally approved.  The glaze was just “icing on the cake.”  The almond butter, maple syrup, and honey combination is delicious.  Just a little bit of sweet to the pumpkin cake donut.


This was a HUGE hit in our house.  I think we ate half of the batch.  Best part is, they’re guilt-free.  You can’t say the same for those grocery store brand glazed donut balls that my husband is fond of.  These are grain-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, and free of processed sugar.  Definitely a win.

Happy Eating!

Original recipe HERE.


Paleo Browned Butter Snickerdroodles


I’ve tried to limit my posting of desserts, but every once in a while, I can’t resist.

I found this recipe on the Clean Eating With a Dirty Mind blog.  Tons of Paleo goodness. Main courses to snacks.  Sweet to savory.  Check it out when you have a chance. 

I’m a big fan of snickerdoodles.  Huge fan.  Really, with a name like Browned Butter Snickerdroodles, I just had to try it.  And here it is.

Makes approx 2 dozen


1 & 1/2 cups Almond Flour
1/4 cup Coconut Flour
1/4 cup Coconut Crystals (coconut sugar)
2 tsp. Cream of Tartar
1 tsp. Baking Soda
1/2 tsp. Cinnamon
1/4 tsp. Salt
1 cup Kerrygold Grass-Fed Butter Browned (1 block)
1  Egg
1/4 cup Honey
1 Tbs. Canned Coconut Milk, Full-Fat
1 tsp. Vanilla Extract
1/2 tsp. Apple Cider Vinegar

Rolling Mixture
1/4 cup Coconut Crystals
2 tsp. Cinnamon

Parchment paper


1. In a large bowl whisk together the almond flour, coconut flour, coconut crystals, cream of tartar, baking soda, 1/2 tsp. of cinnamon and salt, set aside

2. Brown the cup of Kerrygold Grass-Fed butter. Put the butter in a sauce pan and continue to whisk consistently over medium heat until the butter boils then turns brown and starts to give off a toffee like aroma. Immediately remove from heat so it doesn’t burn. Set aside and let cool. (I ended up putting the browned butter in the fridge to speed up the cooling.

3. In a separate bowl add the egg, raw honey, coconut milk, vanilla, and apple cider vinegar. Stir until combined. After the browned butter has cooled (you don’t want to cook the egg on accident because the butter is still too hot) stir it into this mixture.

4. Now pour the wet mixture in to the dry ingredients and stir until well combined. At this point you will have a dough that has a consistency similar to cake batter. Refrigerate the dough for 2-3 hours. It will harden and thicken up. You can even throw it in the freezer for a bit. Do not skip this step, I promise it will be worth it!  It makes the dough rolling much easier.

5. Prepare your rolling mixture in a small bowl.

6. After your dough has hardened, preheat the oven to 350 F and line a baking shcookies1eet with parchment paper, very important!  Grab a piece of dough and roll it in a ball, then roll it into the coconut crystal/cinnamon rolling mixture and place on the baking sheet. Lightly press the end of your palm into the dough to flatten it a tiny bit, don’t press too hard, you only want a slight indentation. The cookies will spread a bit while baking.

7.  Bake for 10-12 minutes, then let cool. I let mine cool on the baking tray because when I tried to transfer them to the cooling rack they were so soft they fell apart, but after they cooled on the tray they solidified and became easily moveable. Enjoy!

I was quite pleased with how these turned out.  I made them at the firehouse, and they were a huge success.  They really are a Paleo snickerdoodle.  I imagine they pair perfectly with a cup of coffe.  If it wasn’t 8:00 at night and if caffeine didn’t have an effect on me, I would confirm that hypothesis. I must warn you, these are dangerous.  As Vanessa, the recipe’s author, writes, “this recipe is outstanding.”  I second that.

Instead of baking up a batch of your typical full of grain, full of dairy, full of sugar cookies, try these out on the family.  Sure to be a hit.  Bet they won’t know it’s Paleo.

Happy eating!

Recipe found HERE.


B.A. Pancakes

I love a good pancake. This recipe makes 1 big pancake.

2 T coconut flour
2 eggs
2 T coconut milk (I used almond milk)

Mix that together, pour into a well greased frying pan. Flip. Once cooked, add your favorite toppings. I chose to add butter, Justin’s Maple Almond Butter, and real maple syrup.  I also recommend adding fresh fruit to the pancake.

I made this as a snack the other night. Fluffy, filling, and delicious. The almond butter added so much flavor. Pretty ugly looking, but pretty fantastic.

Happy eating!




Recipe HERE.

Grain-free Sandwich Bread


Against All Grain is one of my new favorite sites. I was recently perusing through some of the recipes and found this recipe for bread. It looked fairly easy. I had most of the ingredients. It didn’t call for cups and cups of coconut flour. I was sold.

You will need:
cashew butter
Apple cider vinegar
Almond milk
Coconut flour
Baking soda

Mix together the cashew butter and egg yolks. Set whites aside for later. Add honey, vinegar, and milk to the cashew/egg mixture. Beat the egg white in a separate bowl until peaks form. Set aside. Combine all dry ingredients in a separate bowl.

Once oven is preheated, add dry ingredients to mixture, then egg whites. Beat this mixture until its just combined. Don’t over mix.

Pour into prepared loaf pan, then bake for 45-50 minutes. It is imperative that you keep the oven closed during this time to allow the bread to rise.

The recipe says to wait an hour before digging in. I couldn’t resist. Warm bread fresh out of the oven with butter and some homemade blueberry jam…one of the greatest things I have eaten in a very long time. You can’t taste the coconut at all and there is an ever so slight nutty flavor of the bread. It was perfectly baked. Soft, not crispy.

This was definitely a treat. I will be making this often. The website also had a recipe for paleo French toast using this bread. Be assured, I will be posting about it soon.

Bread recipe can be found HERE.  You’re welcome.

Coconut Flour Apple Pancakes


I have a rare day off today,  thought it would be a good day to try some apple pancakes.

What you need:
Milk (non-dairy)
Honey or real maple syrup
Sea salt
Coconut flour

Mix everything together except for the Apple. Once everything is mixed, fold in the Apple then stir it all together. Finally, cook up some flapjacks.

A. I was fresh out of almond milk this am, so I substituted the milk with heavy whipping cream.
2. The recipe says to either shred or chop the Apple. I chose to shred it. I used a larger grater, so in my mind, it was like eating Apple hashbrowns. Next time I would use a smaller grater or dice the Apple. Other than that, I was pleased with how the pancakes turned out.
C. I used maple syrup instead of the honey as a sweetener. I’m sure honey is just as delicious as the syrup.
4. It was nice to see such a small amount of coconut flour used. You don’t have to deplete your spendy grain-free flour stash with this one.

The Apple is subtle and goes well with the coconut flavor.  Growing up, my mom used to make these amazing Apple pancakes complete with powdered sugar on top. This was a decent substitute for the Apple pancake breakfast I remember from when I was little.

You can find the recipe HERE.

Dulce de Leche Cheesecake Bars


I know that I make A LOT of Paleo desserts, but I’m also good at sharing with husband, friends, coworkers. Keep in mind that sweets should be consumed sparingly.

I thought this one looked delicious. Dulce de Leche is essentially “milk candy” which in its simplest way can be made by boiling a can of sweetened condensed milk, becoming caramel. The author of this one found a recipe for Paleo-free Dulce de Leche cheesecake bars on Smitten Kitten’s site and revamped the recipe to be Paleo.  Before I started eating clean, I LOVED Smitten Kitten’s site.  I was pleasantly surprised to find a Paleo version of one of her recipes.   

This recipe is for dulce de leche cheesecake bars. You make Paleo graham cracker crust, then Paleo caramel, then Paleo cheesecake, then chocolate ganache for the top.  This takes time.  Mixing, baking, cooling, mixing, pouring, cooling…..



IMAG2582Graham cracker crust:
almond flour
coconut flour
baking soda
baking powder

Dulce de Leche sauce:
coconut milk

coconut oil
lemon juice
coconut milk

Chocolate Ganache:
dark chocolate
coconut milk


IMAG2588You mix the graham cracker ingredients, bake, then cool.  This is pretty delicious.  It smells wonderful.  While the graham cracker crust is cooling (or even while it is baking), mix the ingredients for the Dulce de Leche sauce in a pan.  Boil until it reduces to half and becomes golden and syrupy. Allow this to cool until it becomes thick and creamy.  Pour over the graham cracker crust then put back into the fridge/freezer.  Next, the cheesecake.  Apparantly, cashews are how vegans make cheesecake.  With this recipe, add everything into the food processor and mix until it becomes thick and creamy.  I was intrigued by how this would taste, and was pleasantly surprised at how delicious this was.  Once this is mixed, pour the cheesecake over your graham cracker/dulce de leche bars.  Back into the fridge/freezer it goes.  Finally, mix the last 2 ingredients.  Once the chocolate is melted, pour over the top of the bars. The hardest part is allowing the bars to cool for a few hours.  Trust me, this is important if you want it to come out in bar form.  On the flip side, the best part is licking the spoon for each layer. 

I really enjoyed the flavor layers of this dessert.  The graham cracker, the sweetness of the dulce de leche, the complexity of the cheesecake, the chocolate.  It’s fun.  I hope you enjoy this one.

Recipe HERE.

Blueberry Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding


I was excited to find a paleo bread pudding. I found this one on

With this recipe, you first need to make a coconut flour pound cake.

Coconut flour
Baking soda
Coconut oil
Lemon juice

This pound cake is pretty tasty by itself. It pairs perfectly with a cup of coffee.

Anyway, once the pound cake is baked and cooled, you slice it into 1″ chunks. Then you pour the rest of the bread pudding over it.

Coconut milk (canned)
Coconut oil
Maple syrup
Fresh blueberries
Dark chocolate chips

Bake this for about 45 minutes. Then, as the recipe says, eat it up. They also suggest using ramekins for the bread pudding for more individualized servings. This is a delicious recipe with whatever bakeware you decide to use.

In my opinion, this is perfectly sweet, not too rich. The blueberries and the dark chocolate complement each other well. Perfect item for a springtime Sunday brunch. I decided to sit on the patio while enjoying some bread pudding, a cup of coffee, and writing about it all. 

Happy eating!

You can make this recipe by clicking HERE.